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Our experience with Kandy’s Pups N Stuff has been nothing short of amazing. We could not ask for more!  Not only are we looking forward to many years of joy with our new puppy Duchess, but we also look forward to continuing our relationship with Kandy. She is truly a hands-on breeder who loves her dogs, and it shows in the quality and temperament of her beautiful puppies. It was extremely important to us to find a breeder who was in it for the love of the dogs and the enhancement of the breed and not simply out to make money without regard to the health of the animals. Kandy was exactly who we were looking for! She breeds with the highest standards and goes out of her way to ensure her puppies end up in the best possible homes.

We got Duchess when she was eight weeks old. She is beautiful and such a wonderful addition to our family. Everywhere we take her, people ask me what breeder we got her from because not only is she beautiful, but so good natured and friendly. She has been so easily trainable and adaptable from the first day we had Duchess. She responded and came when called by her name.

Once again, Brad and I were extremely impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism we experienced. We genuinely believe Kandy is a shining example of what all dog breeders should strive to be. If you are considering bringing a Shih Tzu or Shih Poo, into your family, Kandy’s Pups N Stuff is the place to begin that special journey. We would be happy to speak with anyone thinking of purchasing one of her puppies.        

Suzanne & Brad